Features of PMT Package Foundry

heterogeneous integration SiP!
extremely thin package!
bump is not required!
RDL interposer is available!
 L/S 15µm、 L/S 20µm、L/S 25µmの比較

PMT Package Foundry is specialized in low-volume or trial production of FOWLP (Fan Out Wafer Level Package) or WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package).
Because we use an appropriate amount of IC chip, the entire wafer is not required.
Furthermore, fine and flexible wiring is available since we produce package by using redistribution layer (RDL) technology.
We propose RDL packages with various functions such as heterogeneous integration SiP and extremely thin packages. Please feel free to contact us!

●Improvement of Signal Integrity

Reduction of electric resistance and parasitic capacitance with RDL helps better signal integrity

●Improvement of Heat Dissipation

Lower thermal resistance and better heat dissipation because of thinner package.

FOWLP 84pin Daisy Chain (TEG)
FOWLP 84pin Daisy Chain (TEG)

▲FOWLP 84pin Daisy Chain (TEG)

●Comparison of Package Structure

Conventional Structure FCBGA(Flip Chip Ball Grid Array)
Our Structure (FOWLP) FOWLP(Fan-Out Wafer Level Package)

Prototype Various Types of Packages

Prototype Various Types of Packages

We provide 4 types of packages with using RDL technology of PMT foundry.
Available package types and its representative applications are shown in following table. Please feel free to contact us from inquiry form!

Package Type FOWLP
(Fan-Out Wafer Level Package)
(Wafer Level Chip Scale Package)
(System in Package)
(Double-Sided Electrode Package)
(Our Achievements)
Sensor Device
Power Device
Medical Module Sensor System Image Sensor

Process Design Rule Overview

Process Design Rule Overview
Solder Ball Ball Size Material Ball Pitch
150-500µm Sn-Ag-Cu系 ≧250µm
Cu Redistribution Layer Layer Thickness Line Width Rs
3-10µm ≧20µm <15mΩ/sq
Package Size Thickness Dimensions
80-600µm 1.0-14.1mmsq

*Values in above table is as of January 2021. Please feel free to contact us for the latest information.

Please contact us from here for inquiry regarding package specifications and production costs.
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